How to make the body without plastic surgery

Lifestyle - want to look agils? Some people are willing to do anything even through plastic surgery. But don't worry, there are many ways to keep safe and natural body and youthful as you want.

Lifehack website, you can look younger without surgery with six natural ways here.

1. Yoga

Sport is very important as we age. Sports make healthy body circulation and strengthens the bones, and reduce stress. If these factors are ignored, then you will feel older.

Yoga is a good sport for all ages, and have a low impact movement. You don't have to jump or run, but in the last 20 minutes session, guaranteed you will definitely move up a sweat. Yoga can also help relieve stress.
Almost anyone can perform basic yoga postures, so don't be afraid to start at the beginner level and practice your way.

2. the good fats and bad fats, reduce

Experts always touting the benefits of good fats vs bad fats, is this true? Saturated fat is bad fat can clog arteries and cause cholesterol skyrocket your evil. Eat good fats will have the opposite effect, increase HDL and lower LDL. You will feel the benefits of good fats that can increase energy and makes the skin until it shines.

Good fats are found in foods as follows:

  1.  Salmon
  2.  Nut
  3.  Avocado
  4.  Cheese
  5.  Almond
  6.  Dark chocolate

3. Peel in the morning and evening.

Exfoliation ecstasy or peeling dead skin cells on the skin surface. Most people know to peel your skin will clear up in the pores, but in fact there's science behind this style that makes you look younger.

Using abrasive cloth or special peeling SOAP, you can remove dead skin cells, and force your body to grow faster. Skin will look brighter.

Peeling also sends a signal to your body to produce more collagen. Natural collagen trick can be hard to come by after we reach the age of 30, but with body peeling to produce more collagen, making the skin more elastic.

4. get enough sleep

There is a false impression that only youth and children who need to rest overnight. Everyone is experiencing growth, regardless of whether they are 5 or 50 years, because our cells always die and be replaced.
Human growth hormone (HGH) is an important factor in revitalizing our bodies when these cells die. When we sleep, growth hormone release and aid in cell repair body including the skin.

Get more rest easier and more fun to get glowing skin, look younger, and even make your hair to avoid premature aging.

5. wear sunscreen

Even if you live in a cold area, sunscreen is important to keep the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight.
This is because even if the Sun in the sky is not strong enough to burn the skin, or even if you have dark skin that burns, resistant to harmful UV rays still are absorbed by the body.

UV light makes you experience premature aging by the minute, even in cloudy weather. Could be blamed the fact that science has discovered several issues we should blame on Aging, such as wrinkles, skin discoloration and lose elasticity, exposure to sunlight.

Take the first step to prevent the use of SPF 30 or greater sunscreen every day. It can also act as a sunscreen moisturizer.

6. drinking adequate amounts of water.

Enough drinking water and will provide health benefits to the body. We are naturally loses water through urination, excessive sweating, and even breathe. Sometimes even before we start to feel thirsty, your body will detect drought and begin to set the water to all the most important organ of the body.

Because the skin is not considered as important as other hardware becomes, this makes the skin dry and cracked. Enough drinking water and will make your skin better, bright, ageless.

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