10 Recipes To Delay Aging Process

Lifestyle - Aging is a natural process which will certainly by everyone in the world. But certainly we want to delay or slow down the process, right?

Some people may be spending much money Demi can get skin youthful. However following ten secret tips don't require a lot of money:

1. Sleep Well

The first tip to get enough sleep and sleep. Because as it is known, sleep is very important to keep the mind and body stay healthy.

If you are not getting sleep at least eight to nine hours a day, you'll look ten years older than their actual age, five years in the future.

2. Lack of Sleep Tingkorab

If you are interested in a position with tingkorab which makes the face of distress and attached to the pillow to sleep, this can cause line when you wake up. But over the years, increased online facial wrinkles will fast (premature aging).

3. Use Anti Wrinkle Serum

According to scientists, the use of this cream is one of the best ways so that wrinkles quickly. In addition, this cream will also have a glowing effect.

4. Use a Good Facial Cleanser

Wash your face using SOAP, not only makes the dry skin but will also leave permanent wrinkles. Always better to use an antiseptic cute face to remove dirt and dust we've accumulated throughout the day.

5. Always Use a Moisturizer before bed.

Research has shown that the skin has the ability to absorb these higher moment of the evening. So bedtime is the best time to nourish the skin so no aging quickly.

6. drink plenty of plain water

Important water drunk regularly it's very beneficial for a healthy body. Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses a day, because by drinking lots of water, not only makes skin glow, but it also makes you look more youthful.

7. drink milk

Make it a habit to drink at least one glass of milk per day, milk is good for the skin because it can promote moisture and prevent dryness. Milk is also capable of reducing dark skin caused by the aging process.

8. a healthy and balanced diet

Anti aging and very meal consumption. Many nutrition experts who agree that the best way to counteract the negative effects of aging by eating the right nutrition plan. At first it's hard to change, so nutritionists recommend changing little by little.


Studies have shown that 30 minutes of moderate intensity per day can slow down the aging process.

10. I don't like skronching lips, eyebrows and eyes for you

Frown lines is didn't happen suddenly, but this is you often make facial movements over and over again.

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