Selection of Hair Lice With Mayonnaise

For women it seems evil hair lice. Obviously lousy hair will make your scalp feel uncomfortable. Not only women only rough, scalp also will feel the heat. More it gets worse again hair lice will make anyone even feel a lack of confidence with their appearance.
Itching on the head actually not derived from hair lice. But the itching that occurs as a result of an allergic reaction to the parasite. This hair lice is intended for ladies, can direct contact and indirect contact. Well, one way that you can do to eliminate lice hair using mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise contains oil, egg yolk, lemon juice and vinegar. These materials will help eliminate these annoying parasites. Here is how easy enough for the ladies, just apply mayonnaise on scalp and hair until blended. And then cover the head with a shower Cap. Let stand overnight for 8-10 hours. Then open the shower CAP and rinse the hair well using shampoo to remove all the oil stick. So that all meetings can waste of hair using a lice comb-toothed comb.

This treatment takes too long because the insects can catch longer than humans. If you want all the lice are dead, you should let the Mayo spread even make all the fleas unable to breathe. Repeat this treatment once a week until the lice and eggs are all gone

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