Here are 7 Reasons to Get up in the Morning Every Day.

"Wake up" became one of factors that helped improve the health of the body. There are also described with the words "come on get up early, let me rizikinia not in pin cock." For most people, getting up early is a routine that is very hard to do every day. But deep down, eager to get up in the morning. There are a variety of reasons, why we have to get up early. Then, what are the reasons to get up early every day...?.?.

Friends, health tips. Morning is the ideal time to start activities and actions that will run successfully in this life. This is because the energy body still has the highest as well as the mind still clear so. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you try to get used to waking up in the morning. In addition, such as an alarm today have a significant impact in improving the health of the body. 7 reasons to get up in the morning:

Feel the fresh air and so on. In fact, air pollution is something that cannot be simply unavoidable in this modern era. But there is a need for fresh air throughout the body especially the lungs. Start getting up early and feel the air that is still so fresh and cool.
We have time to work out. Familiarizing yourself with mingolahragakan body for 30 minutes every morning has a big impact on body health today and in the future. (For those of you who are Muslims, pray Fajr also includes mingolahragakan body while getting a big bonus).
Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast has become one of the most active in the morning. With regular healthy breakfast, then activities or business in each day can run smoothly and according to your wishes and expectations.
Calm your thoughts and feelings. Voice of the Rooster crows and birds chirping in the morning so beautiful to hear that can help relax the mind and emotions while lowering stress levels on various life issues that you are experiencing.
We have time to prepare. You can write various activities these days directly or chart in the morning, when the mind is still clear. So you can also be scheduled and do important things not to be missed on this day.
See little miracles. A variety of small miracles only can be seen and experienced in the morning as she sees her husband's Office, see prepare the morning meal or wife see fruit and preparing to leave the school.
Enjoy the warm warm. The morning is the perfect time to enjoy something warm like hot tea and coffee and breakfast still warm. In addition, don't miss the white water to drink in the morning and helps improve the health of the digestive system in the body.

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