Cosmetic Surgery Fails, These Handsome Models Face so Worried

For every woman, and had a pretty face is something that is very desirable. Whereas for men and handsome face is impressive. And for both, and that does not seem to be a few people trying hard to do a variety of ways. One way to do plastic surgery.
In fact, through plastic surgery might get some people face beautiful or handsome. But don't get me wrong, it's not uncommon for cosmetic surgery also make someone lose kigantingan beauty and owned forever. As the Philippine model exposed here.

Citing page, man named El AAW alvizo sample (16) kitambanania after his face was broken because of plastic surgery he never fails. Previously, the handsome model was too small claims he felt he was less good looking. As he got an offer of cosmetic surgery in his clinic. Alfaizo any mingeiakan plastic surgery and pay about $ 10.74.

Pict :
Alvizo confessed to do surgery on the nose and Chin. She wants to make her nose look more high and her appearance more pointy Chin. Shortly after doing plastic surgery, nose and Chin alviso "are actually with very beautiful and in line with expectations. He feels he has become more handsome than before.
Unfortunately, after two years, "alfessu Chin and nose so it became ugly. Chin and nose with serious injuries. He also tried to go to the doctor and do treatment. Unfortunately, what you may have seen alfessu cannot be processed, it must accept the fact that her chin and nose and now ugly as well as anxiety.

The doctor revealed that the nose and Chin alviso "collagen injections have already liquid to make it look more pointy too high. Liquid collagen which lead later in the bad things that happen in the nose and Chin alviso. Since facial alviso condition worsening, finally lost her original face handsome lawyer. More miserable and even now, as he had lost his job as a model.
A story so tragic and alarming. We hope that this story can be a valuable lesson for all of us so that we always thanks God has given to us. We all certainly hope that what happened alfessu never happen again to anyone.

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