7 "Strong Interest" Of Corn For A Healthy Body

Corn is one of the sources of carbohydrates can replace a alternative food rice. Corn is one of the types of foods that are easily recognizable physical form is colored yellow seed lining stretch surrounded his cob. Roasted corn, corn on the cob is makes two way corn is very delicious to eat. However, besides the taste is savory corn and delicious, store various hidden benefits for a healthy body. Then, what are the benefits of strong corn healthy body...?

Friends, health tips. Humans need energy to be able to move and work and think about every day. To this end, a variety of foods containing carbohydrates consumed became one of the best solution. Some foods that contain carbohydrates that the body needs rice, wheat and corn. Specifically for corn, food found and maintain a variety of other nutrients that can improve the health of the body. Strong benefits 7 corn following a healthy body:

Improving the health of the digestive organs. High fiber content in corn can help digestive processes food more smoothly. Thus, a variety of problems or digestive disorders like constipation and will not torture you again.
Strengthen bones in the body. Corn found contain nutrients such as magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus. A variety of food that could feed into the bone to make it more powerful and fragile is not easy.
Makes the skin more youthful. Abundant antioxidants can help in corn fed whole skin tissue in the body. So, for anyone who intends to appear fresh and look younger than my real age, corn could be important.
Responding to symptoms of deficiency or anemia. Dizziness is one indication that anyone exposed to anemia. Corn contains content of vitamin b and folic acid which works on preventing anemia which is very effective.
Improve the health of your heart device. Corn food storage such as vitamin c, Bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which play a key role in controlling blood cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation in the body.
Feeding your machine vision. Corn contains a source of beta carotene, consisting of vitamin a in the body. Therefore, regular consumption with corn to help fullfill nutrients required for your eyes.
Diabetes Prevention is very effective. Phytochemical content will be set in the maize seeds by absorption and release of insulin in the body. This corn is announced as one of the makananan high enough nutrition needs nourishing the body of all persons.

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