10 Benefits of Sunlight for Health, Please Share

Sun health benefits-most people think that sunlight is an enemy to them because according to them the Sun can harm the health of their skin. Sure, but it's dangerous when sunshine, already had a peak which more or less in the middle of the day. The Sun at midday many contain UV that certainly is very dangerous on skin health.

However, the Sun is also good for your health at the time of the morning. We know that God Almighty created something surely there must be some benefits. An example is the Sun. Although the Sun is a bad influence on healthy skin, but we know that the Sun is so much all the benefits will be given to a large number of these benefits, admin only 10 about the benefits of sunlight on health:

1. the morning sunlight can kill microbes. This is why we must dry the carpets or hard brushes to wash. Sun exposure can make the skin seems brighter and more flexible. Sun also has been proven to be able to boost the immune system.

2. for those of you who have a problem with the nickname insomia couldn't sleep, then you can try to solve it by, for example, and days to reach the Sun. Sun exposure can increase the production of the hormone melatonin at night. This hormone works to help us to be able to sleep soundly.

3. the sun rays can also be added in the morning mood or the mood of the person. Sunlight also can be helpful in cases of acute and chronic depression in a way that stimulates synthesis adorvin. This is why we feel afraid in the dark atmosphere.

4. with vitamin d and some other compounds that can inhibit cancer cells, exposure to sunlight, can control the bowel, breast cancer and leukemia.

5. minsistisa skin vitamin d with the help of sunlight. Vitamin d helps calcium absorption in the intestine makes bones become stronger. Sunlight prevents rickets in children and osteoporosis in accordance with.

6. Sunshine may increase liver organs instead of the function where it is very effective for treating jaundice.

7. exposure to sunlight can also promote kardiovakolir system, improves circulation, pulse, arterial pressure and normalization of blood cholesterol levels.

8. for those of you who have a plan to lose weight. Exposure to sunlight in the morning could also help in weight loss by increasing metabolism by stimulating the thyroid gland.

9. Sunshine helped overall performance. This can happen when someone pull sweat from his body caused by exposure to sunlight.

10. the Sun is also able to help you relieve arthritis in the case of arthritis.

Well, this is the 10 benefits of sunlight for a healthy body. Now try to take a minute to be able to feel the warmth of the morning sun rays which certainly has many benefits for our health. Remember! Selim that not always have to be expensive.

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